CR/DR Software

South Florida X-Ray Imaging offers a strong CR and DR Software product line designed to enhance the usage of CR and DR systems. We distribute and provide support for a number of CR/DR Software packages including the Genesis Digital Omni Software line. Information on a subset of our CR/DR Software product line is listed below.

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Genesis Digital OmniVue ®: more detail | brochure

OmniLink is a HIPPA-compliant software package which utilizes a proprietary technology to safely transmit DICOM images over the Internet without the necessity of VPN or encrypted tunnel connections. Use OmniLink to send images to your Radiologist for review, to a central PACS for archiving or to a secure offsite location for disaster recovery.

Genesis Digital OmniLink: more detail | brochure

OmniVue is a fully FDA compliant and DICOM compatible with Store, Query/Retrieve and Print functionality for easy networking with other PACS systems and workstations.OmniVue ® uses a non-linear lookup table to maximize outstanding image quality for CR and DR images. OmniVue ® features a full suite of the latest image processing tools and simple database management fields to streamline workflow for your practice.